Project Based Learning in the English Classroom

PBL in the Classroom Project Based Learning – English

Project based learning is an innovative method for students to learn in the classroom, and for teachers to facilitate instruction. This type of learning style leans away from the typical passive learning model that is traditionally seen in the classroom. Project based learning puts the focus back on student learning, where students are intellectually stimulated and engaged in projects that they are actively participating in.

Instead of just providing students with information on a particular subject, teachers can use PBL to help students learn essential life lessons and become equipped with tools to deal with real-life situations. Students can walk away from the classroom and move into real-life settings where they can apply the critical tools that they were able to learn in a PBL project.

Project based learning is not just applicable to a limited number of subjects – rather, PBL can be applied to all subjects across the curriculum.  Our PBL units are language based and made for the North American curriculum.  PBL can be a valuable way for students to learn English writing and reading skills in a much more stimulating setting. Instead of keeping a traditional structure in an English classroom, PBL offers teachers and students a much more engaging and interesting way to learn subject matter and perform critical thinking tasks.

Why Use Problem Based Learning?

The benefits of problem based learning are vast. Some of these benefits to an English classroom setting include projects that:

  • Teach relevant and significant content
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Foster collaboration and communication skills
  • Allow independence in student voice

Such skills are helpful not only in the classroom, but also as students move on to higher learning and real life settings.

Project Based Learned – English PBL Units

For teachers who are looking for PBL units to easily introduce to their English class, the has everything you need. Our units are designed to help students develop critical reading and writing skills, as well as problem solving skills. Our PBL units can be easily downloaded, and are tried and tested for the North American curriculum. For every level of learning, grades K-10, our units are the perfect choice for your students! Download a satisfaction guaranteed unit and see how our PBL units can be used in your class easily and successfully!


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